Our company started operating in Bursa under the name HEM MAKİNA in 2016. We received many investment requests in line with the positive references from the enterprises using our machines. Subsequently, we continued to operate as YEŞİL BURSA MAKİNA (YESIL BURSA MACHINES – YBM) by going to a new structure.


There are some facts that separate Yeşil Bursa Makina (Yesil Bursa Machines – YBM) from its competitors and make it so successful. Of course, we have a team with high experience. Our company was founded in 2016, but our team is not rookie in the industry. The machines produced by our team continue to be used in dozens of countries today.


We continue to expand our machine range day by day on this road we set out to be the best. Today, our product range; We can list manual and automatic carpet washing machines, carpet – rug wringing centrifuges, rug dust remover machines, rug – carpet finishing and  packaging machines, dehumidification machines.


By choosing to use our earnings for our R&D studies, we can improve ourselves more and more every day. “ZERO PROBLEM” policy that we carry out in the light of our R&D studies is one of the important facts that define us. We design and manufacture with the aim of ensuring that our machines never have problems. It is another truth about us to be different from the so-called producers that produce low quality with the aim of earning from spare parts and technical service.


In addition, Yeşil Bursa Makina (Yesil Bursa Machines – YBM), aiming for the highest quality in terms of its employees, has come to the forefront from other companies as it is fast in maintenance, repair and spare parts supply as well as in the manufacture of machinery with skillful hands. ” Every worker masters will be ” no matter where in the world this way we get the logic, whatever the machine type and brand to be able to help all people in the busiest time of carpet cleaning season, we have adopted as our mission. You can visit the privacy policy page of our site.


Quality and timely delivery of every machine we produce is our priority. It is our most important principle to develop our machines by following the latest technology in order to stand behind and ensure smooth operation after the delivery of our machines.


Our most important vision is to produce machines that minimize energy and water consumption by providing a wide customer portfolio at home and abroad. Our priority goal is to have our machines in our country and even in the world with our machines that work smoothly.