The world’s best machine in its field! Yes, the best automatic carpet washing machine in the world!

You ask why? Because; This model produced by Yesil Bursa Machines company is an automatic rug washing machine with a completely smart system. The development of technology has also triggered revisions in rug cleaning machines produced over time. By doing our part, we have gathered up technology and quality in automatic carpet cleaning machines.


Thanks to our smart system, you get maximum performance at minimum cost.

YBM automatic carpet washing machine can clean carpets very well by keeping the expenditures such as water, detergent and electricity consumption to a minimum. The most important proof of this is carpet washing companies using our machines. Please enter the list of references by clicking here and ask them about their satisfaction. If you find a company that is not satisfied with our machines, we will give you a discount 😊. In addition, smart system automatic carpet washing machine prices are kept to a minimum. In this way, you will not be able to have this machine due to the budget. Call us now and let’s talk about where to start. The page contains general information about the machine. You can also see the machine while it works by visiting our plants or factory that use our machines. Call us now to get information about the prices of automatic carpet washing machines for sale.


How To Work ‘’Smart System’’ ?

The smart system works with sensors located under the shafts. In summary; carpet front brushes and other essentials when given from the front functions are activated. As the carpet progresses on the band, the back starts working in the mechanisms in the parts. Carpet as you move towards the winding stage, the front mechanisms automatically stop working. In this way, water, detergent and electricity saving is kept to a maximum. Moreover, you will be able to make adjustments when you need them. For example; You can determine how many more seconds the water will continue to flow when the carpet leaves the bridge. Brush pressure adjustment is pneumatic and can be adjusted according to the carpet thickness. Control panel is PLC touch screen. Bridge and band speeds, pressure setting, band winding, water and detergent consumption can be adjusted on the PLC screen. By the way you can save all your options when you customize your washing.


4 MM Stainless Body

The body of the machine is not galvanized coating! The body is produced from 4 mm hot dip galvanized and stainless. F20GRSA-K series intelligent system automatic carpet washing machines are produced in three different sizes: 260 cm, 330 cm and 430 cm carpet wash widths. It is the ideal automatic rug washing machine for high capacity enterprises. It has a daily washing capacity of 1500 m2 – 2000 m2. Detailed features of the standard models are given in the table below. If you want to have a specific machine with different features such as 20 brush models, we can manufacure special productions on your demand.

High Quality Standards

Yesil Bursa YBM carpet and rug washing machines are produced in world standards. The materials used are 1st Class.

Experienced Staff

The machine is composed of staff of Yesil Bursa Turkey’s leading and most professional industry experts.

Spare Parts & Technical Service

Our top priority is to provide spare parts supply and technical service to all parts of the world.

Warranty Period

All machines manufactured by Yesil Bursa Machines firm are under warranty against production defects for two (2) years.

Automatic Carpet Washing Machine Advantages and Features

YBM rug and carpet cleaning machines are the most successful machine in terms of price and performance comparison.
  • It can be used by a single operator.
  • 4 mm hot dip galvanized body.
  • Provides high capacity and deep cleaning.
  • Optional feature advantages.
  • First class quality of material.
  • PLC control panel. (smart screen)
  • Fully automatic smart system.
  • Bottom washing, squeegee and rinse.

Technicial Specifications

  Number of Circular Brush : 10 pieces 12 pieces 8 pieces
  Number of Roller Brush : 2 pieces 2 pieces 2 pieces
  Brush Pressure: Pneumatic (adjustable to carpet thickness) Pneumatic (adjustable to carpet thickness) Pneumatic (adjustable to carpet thickness)
  Width : 403 cm 503 cm 353 cm
  Lenght : 310 cm 310 cm 310 cm
  Height : 197 cm 197 cm 197 cm
  Weight : 2400 kg 2900 kg 1900 kg
  Band Speed : Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
  Max. Carpet 330 cm 430 cm 260 cm
  Width :
  Control Panel : PLC PLC PLC
  Material : 4 mm hot dip galvanized 4 mm hot dip galvanized 4 mm hot dip galvanized
  Motion System : Automatic sensor PLC Automatic sensor PLC Automatic sensor PLC
  Rinsing : Squeegee + Pressure water Squeegee + Pressure water Squeegee + Pressure water
  Extra Rinsing (optional) : Floating roll + High pressure (200 bar and more) Floating roll + High pressure (200 bar and more) Floating roll + High pressure (200 bar and more)
  Vacuum : Optional Optional Optional
  Evacuation Expense : Available Available Available
  Daily Capacity : 1500 m² 2000 m² 2000 m²
  Disc Brush : Ø460 mm Ø460 mm Ø460 mm
  Top Roller Brush : Ø210 mm Ø210 mm Ø210 mm
  Bottom Roller Brush : Ø210 mm Ø210 mm Ø210 mm
  Warranty : 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years