Experience the difference of HMTA23 series automatic carpet dusting machines with Yesil Bursa Machines quality.

Carpet dusting machine is the first step of carpet washing stages. After cleaning the dusts and debris between the carpet which is taken for washing, the carpet washing stage is started. If dust removal is bypassed and the carpet starts to be washed directly, this will damage both your customer and your business. Because; rugs and carpets will not be delivered clean enough and you will spend more water and detergent. One of the most important advantages of the carpet dusting machine is that it saves water and detergent and pays for itself over time. Call us now to get information about the prices of automatic carpet dusting machines for sale. For optimum automatic carpet dusting machine prices and high quality, choose YBM.


Vacuum carpet dusters with beaters  of HMTA23 series are among the best choices for carpet cleaning companies working with high capacity.

Yesil Bursa Machines uses first class quality materials in all the machines it produces, including carpet dust remover machines. HMTA23 carpet dusting machine whips the carpets with the beating system and collects the dust coming out to the vacuum unit. The vacuum is accompanied by a powder conveyor system located in the middle of the machine simultaneously. In this way, the operator and the machine get the opportunity to work in a dust-free area.

High Quality Standards

YBM carpet whisk machines are produced in world standards. The materials used are 1st Class.

Experienced Staff

The machine is composed of staff of Yesil Bursa Turkey’s leading and most professional industry experts.

Spare Parts & Technical Service

Our top priority is to provide spare parts supply and technical service to all parts of the world.

Warranty Period

All machines manufactured by YBM are under warranty against production defects for two (2) years.

HMTA23 Carpet Dusting Machine Advantages and Features

Yesil Bursa carpet and rug beater machines are very successful in terms of price and performance comparison.
  • It can work all day without interruption.
  • It cleans carpets from dust in a short time.
  • It is very practical to use and maintain.
  • Rewinding the band forward and backward.
  • Taking from the front and giving grom the front.
  • Speed ​​level can be adjusted.
  • Thanks to its brush, the fluff process is easier.
  • It can be used by one operator.

Technicial Specifications

  PRODUCT CODE :   32 HMTA23 42 HMTA23 27 HMTA23
  Number of Beaters : 2×3 2×3 2×3
  Front Brush : Available Available Available
  Vacuum : Available Available Available
  Lower Dust Carrying Band : Available Available Available
  Giving and Receiving From The Front : Available Available Available
  Band Speed : Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
  Forward – Back : Available Available Available
  Led Lighting : Optional Optional Optional
  Width : 130 Cm 130 Cm 130 Cm
  Lenght : 420 Cm 520 Cm 370 Cm
  Height : 104 Cm 104 Cm 104 Cm
  Weight : 800 Kg 1000 Kg 600 Kg
  Material : Painted Steel Painted Steel Painted Steel
  Voltage : 380V 380V 380V
  Warranty : 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years