YBM carpet scrubber (manual carpet washing machine)  to be in a carpet washing company is the most basic product required.

Yesil Bursa Machines YBC50 model manuel carpet washing machine manufactured by durable and stainless materials. It is very easy to use and maintenance it does not require. Rug and carpet scrubber is the same brushing hard floors at the same time and cleaning companies to clean It is also used by.

High Quality Standards

Yesil Bursa YBM carpet washing machines are produced in world standards. The materials used are 1st Class.

Experienced Staff

The machine is composed of staff of Yesil Bursa Turkey’s leading and most professional industry experts.

Spare Parts & Technical Service

Our top priority is to provide spare parts supply and technical service to all parts of the world.

Warranty Period

All machines manufactured by Yesil Bursa Machines company are under warranty against production defects for two (2) years.

Technicial Specifications

 Brush Diameter : Ø50 cm
 Motor Power : 1.1 kW – 1.5 Hp
 Brush Speed : 160 RPM
 Voltage (optional): 380 V / 220 V
 Body : 3 mm Chromium 430
 Stem Part : Chromium 304
 Warranty : 2 Years
 * The machine is delivered with one (1) brush.